I see you

You are joyful and empowered but you keep feeling stuck, stressed, worn out and unable to connect to your higher self. You are aware that past trauma affects you. You have tried talking therapy and self-help and yet you still feel overwhelmed, anxious and don’t understand why you repeatedly return to these old patterns.
Deep down you feel a calling to heal yourself. I know I have been there too.

I am a therapist with 25 year’s experience. I recently left mental health services to pursue my own spiritual growth and I am now bringing this depth of knowledge to you. I provide the latest trauma informed heart-centred psychotherapy with a divinely feminine spiritual approach to make peace with your trauma so that you can fully accept yourself.

I will help you understand and explore your difficulties, guide you through healing practices and provide you with the resource to truly heal. Filling your heart with compassion raising your energy frequency so that you can reconnect with your higher self, embracing life with grace and ease and living your life purpose.