"Clare Dash helped me understand the way the brain works and allowed me to see things a way that I've never understood before. I've been able to forgive myself and develop from the things that have happened."




"Just let each session run really naturally. Nothing was forced and I felt that was important. As well as reminding me that I'm doing well."


Clare is a ray of sunshine! 
She warms your heart with her genuine presence and allows 
you to shine your own light.


While working with Clare, I always felt safe and understood. She uses her natural intuition to guide you in the path that is going to serve you the most. She is truly there as a guide! 

In one of our sessions, I came face to face with an extremely difficult emotion. It was so strong I thought I might even throw up. Clare used her gentle voice and other modalities to guide me through it in a gentle way. She helped me to feel into the emotion. I felt held with the compassion that I needed at the moment, so I could transmute that emotion and move past it.                                     Clare is truly gift!

                                                                               MARIA,  August 2022