Steps to heal from trauma:

When you realise the impact of trauma in your life; then you can heal yourself.
You realise that the anxiety, negative thoughts, poor self confidence

 and feeling scared are a result of coping with past (direct or indirect trauma).
You realise how you separated yourself from this and now, with trauma-informed therapy you can integrate and heal, so that you are living your divine purpose.

You can heal yourself from trauma:

These are the steps to heal from trauma so that you are no longer overwhelmed and can relax into your divine purpose.

Healing from trauma is a unique journey for each person, in my 25 years of experience  I have noticed some foundations or pivotal understandings that significantly help the journey.

1. Asking for support, knowing that you can't continue to do this on your own anymore;

2. Having safe experiences of being supported or a therapist who attunes to you and contains your experiences as you explore what’s going on;

3. Being able to unpack and understand how trauma has influenced you;

4. Discovering that you heal yourself, no one else fixes you;

5. Finding that it’s not linear, but more a spiral journey of new insights about old stuff;

6. Learning how your healing happens as you listen with curiosity to yourself;

7. Developing your set of tools so that you can continue to do this for yourself.🥰