About Me

Hello, I'm Clare Dash, and I'm a trauma informed therapist and visual artist, with 25 years of experience in mental health provision. I immigrated from Australia to live in Kent, I am now running my own business because I passionately feel people can heal themselves when truly given the right support ... there is an alternative to just talking therapies. 


As an artist, I know that there is an unconscious inside all of us, and from that we can explore our lives and find our meaning. I also know that it is vital to integrate the mind, body, and spirit in any trauma focused treatments. Having worked for the last 12 years using trauma-informed therapies, I work with the root causes of anxiety, depression, and mental health difficulties. 


I know from my personal experiences that working with our trauma is a journey. We can try all manner of self-help and workshops to feel better, but we tend to look for the quick fix, and bypass the doors to our healing. We don’t realise that the subtle pain in our throat or the deep feelings of shame, are our important keys. We are told to put up with it, it’s just stress, and we end up getting used to constant headaches or nightly insomnia. I use the latest trauma informed, neuroscientific knowledge to quickly access lasting healing. 


Most people find it scary to reach out to a therapist, I understand, I have sought therapy in the past and faced my own fears of visibility and unworthiness. For this reason, I focus on helping you find that deep sense of trust, so that you can really feel safe to heal. This is the essence of therapy, when we feel this safety, we can open to explore our difficulties, and find self-compassion and it permeates the rest of our lives. I am committed to your transformation, to the importance of being heard, being seen, being understood, connecting to the Earth, and connecting to our sacred inner world. 


I believe that we are all Divine and totally unique, and I love providing a bespoke experience that helps you to truly understand the depths of yourself, and open into your wholeness. I look forward to going there with you x

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